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marilupa lingerie

For some time on Facebook, lingerie enthusiasts have a wonderful opportunity to communicate with other enthusiasts thanks to Cora Harrington, the creator of the blog The Lingerie Addict I mentioned before. Cora decided to create a group on Facebook, in which we can show our favorite underwear, show underwear of the day, our lingerie dreams, achievements, seek advice. It’s great to see underwear from around the world on silhouettes from around the globe. Entries appear several or even several times a day. Great! It was thanks to one of such entries that I met a completely unusual brand – MariLupa.

The brand is based in London. Where else?! Her creator is Rachel Knickers, a woman who does not lack creativity:

marilupa lingerie

Kelpie set, photo comes from the website Kelpie is the spirit of Scotland’s waters. The direct inspiration for this set was seaweed. We assume this set and a 100% silk tulle wraps around us, whose deep emerald color is the effect of hand dyeing. Velvet finishes and Swarovski crystals, which are supposed to remind you of the splendor of water, are a dot over this unprecedented work.

Rachel has over 20 years of experience in making underwear, so I think we can trust her. Anyway, from her business card (website), despite the fact that we mainly observe the same ethereal creations, it beats professionalism, power, self-confidence. In her studio, we can order underwear, bathing suits or dresses.

Her mission? Creating something with the soul, respecting the expression of each individual, non-standard, and at the same time economic – that is, making maximum use of what has already been produced (thinks that the huge problem in the world is overproduction, which we do not cope with). That’s why in her projects she uses vintage elements (strings, jewellery). With all this, it takes care that the clothes not only look, but they were indeed luxurious, hence the highest quality materials. Enough writing, time to look:
marilupa lingerie
marilupa bielizna
All photos come from
You can also find the same style in the Buttress&Snatch store.
I am crazy about this brand and the woman who creates it!

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