Blog about underwear. Why did I create such a place?

I like a lot of things, but some love it. One of them is underwear, so I decided to create a place that would sort out my adventures with her and maybe someone would use it.

This site is also a form of protest. I love underwear and I love fashion, underwear is fashion. Well, and why so little of her where there is fashion? Why accessories (shoes, purses, jewelry) have their sessions in Polish magazines, and she does not? Why are beauty sessions appearing, while other pictures show only a section of bra? I protest! I want to see her. I want her to have the same place as the rest of the fashion. And that sometimes it shines, and that sometimes defiant? Blouse, dress, trousers etc will also be visible. And defiantly does not have to be. This will not be (for my pictures), it is not a site about erotic, only fashion, with specialization – underwear.

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